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to tak part in peace talks. they called president karzai a puppet. program to reintegrate e taliban isnder way. it is being led by the form head of the sas >> the money would not gto individls. we do notsee ourselves taking mone cause that is paying money for bad behavior. this is about tning around and taking them awayrom the violent brethren. that monegoes intothe communitand the environnt, which we set out to do in 21. th object iso give a better li. let's tart doing it. >> for this to work, the afghan government also has to do much better at lking after its citizens. >> i think our president nes to make up his mind and bring me fundamental changes in his cabinet and his entire syem. lots of death and international comunity is complaing about the corruption in afghanisn. afte such a flawed ection, presint karzai is undehuge essure to show he ca run a leaner and mor effective admistration. the wesis struggling to justy continuing to spend so much here. without a credible afghan government, tere's little ance of turning back taliban insurgency. bbc news, kabul. >> more of the main
believe invtors should be very disciplined and make sure to tak some ney off the table, especially if you happen to invest inhe first quarr of 2009, and you he gains that could be 20 to 50%. have disciple and d't be led by yourreed. we invest by fear and by greed. 2008 was aboutear, this is e year of greed. careful. >> paul: do y still s buying oppornities anywhere in the mart? >> i absolutely do, paul. the nancial institutions, go where the mey is. invest in the companies that are doin really wl. and that havehe edg, and this case it's bks. rgan stanley,he syml is . it's a stock i own bause morgan snley doesn'tave the competition theyid a year ago. there's mo more bear stearns, no mo lean brothe, and they are making a transition to a new c.e.o., d i think we'lsee morgan stanley ke s way up to $50 a sharein the next 18 months. now,nother stock that i like that i've spok about all t way up as it'seading toward $200 is gdman sachs, gx. great investo, and goldman sachs got ou their used money when we were at t bottom of the market andthey'll be reaping theenefits for years to come on some of
-- one of lincoln's contributions t langges "point well tak." i remember in the o days when i had college professors wh smoked pipes, they would oen -- >> did you have any that d not oke pipes? >> on of the things, theipe s i think, so you d not have to use a word like like or ok. they are verbapledges that we use to get from one ought to anotr. you find youelf doing yourself and having to reint in. and then your less spontaneo because y're thinking about i'm gointo usehe word hopefuy or iregdless. the proem with thiss- just sta on -- >> just stay on irregardss. we had flammable, in flammable. at one time, ery copy editor this country went mad if you said finalize,ou kno now it is a standar english word and nobody has bothered by . >> and nobody has bothered by priorize, either. >> when eisenhower start to use that, the was an editorial in several papers that would criticize him for it. but wh is ieresting as we havellhis change in langge. language ia plant site -- is it clear the site every high scol english teacher inhe country at some time duri the day says the word "pefully, it is gam
. that's now how i works. things taka really long time. they tak a lot of hardork. >> when you say stand-up sav yo life, tell us aut that. >> i found the thing that was missing in my lif for me it was a creative voice that i had to find that i hadn't been doing at i hadn't been actualizing. std-up is such a powerful thing nay. making pple laugh is like noing like this in thishole worl one of the thing about depression is thatou're so wrapped up on yourself tt you cat see through it. once i began talking to audience began to focus on everybody else. tavis: what do you think about people getting wisdom from o books? >> that's w i say b.s. -- because i felt somewha pretenous. and yet in me rding the book there are thingthat ihink having read -- i'm 54 years old. i' been throu a lie. i was single foranyears. been through psych analysis. been through a lot. having these ildren that i'm a stepmoth full-time hands on a stepmother to. so i think i know a thing or tw at the same time, i don't want to be so presumpon that i know everying. plato said this inow that i know notng. and socrates said n
, and while they are never getting e weapons, there will only be tak out if they are going t do an actualttack. >> we swooped on several vessels. nothing suspicious was found this time, but these patrols do give a little confidence to the crews at are rnning the gauntl every day. the gornment needs torotect the berty of tourism and fishingndustries, but even an international effort is struggling to contain the pirates. this the ltest warship to come into the seychelles of course, the problem that often happens with the warships ithey get to the scene ofhe attacks to late wn hostages havelready been taken and it is too dangerous to inrvene. >> that is exactly what happened in the case of the british couple, paul andachel chandle there were captured soon aft setting sail from this yacht club and a still being held foransom. the combined military effort aims keep the pirates far ayrom this honeymoon haven fobut the venture furer afield, attacking a vast area of the ocean, winning e war is on getting harder. >> th man known as the washington sniper will be executedn wednesday. the u.s. supremeo
. this photo, as iss when this picture was tak, was 1997 -- as i assess whethis picture was taken, it was 1997. i cod tell tha by the wrinkles. that was a time in my life that i went thugh some much, a low point,ut it was a time in my life that i nt through i thought that this picture kin f speaks to that myste. wt hashis guy bee through, what is he ting to tell me? i felt like it fithe title. i felt that the title fithe content. i believe that that picture in itlf communicates a journ th has real meaning in people's lives. tavis: 8 got my attention, whi is why i ndered. - it got my attention, whicis w wondered. it's a lot. loing back -- it says a lot. looking back on this, because there areo many people who have sa issuesyours truly included, growing out with their parents at a certain sge in their le, hothe put that in context? talkin about your faer, how do you contextuali that? >> i have learned not label kids, especially, teegers. we're not finishedroducts. you cannot sta a label on somebody and say thiis who you are because were continually in process. i am in process today. is it a li
20 next ten years anyour dmaket.herencthrace f th. it's you.s he rsevf ry t they've tak rare fish. nownit's k lint it w ft lo rface in indosia. the fish is about 12.5 inches long. a newbrts say it appearso scientists say ttished veittle sinceprehistoric times. is kno ahas lled ving fos yo silisehoug to be extinctntiln coast of southern africa. >> that is a beautiful fish. >>llng finnd dier eacndry ndea and upn the try t dcas wtithere y was neda a lot oforun we inhe part october. eventrm lasteek didn't lees i thinkbout90 are mor the gr tha thees. int the hhs, above a yeargo tomorrow we hadur first eeze the low temperatureas 31 degrees. we have ow riesflur outsnow we h few cuds in.he ar. 53 w the dew poi increasing a bit. ink 'le oceamoistu coming in. torrowni ihink there may be patchy fogound. she n area ofto ournoiforteheat. ormine is. youan see it wng upn t l partf the coun as city, folksoke u t illnches o snow this slowly comeur w as opposed the mrm ee is around atlanti c a alsocean city. there were d thae high and 2 ft a loaders to ghe s off the col roadways a lot of damu
. it's an historical sght that many filipinos tak persolly, especiallyhose who ve emigted to the u.s. or who want to. given the portunity, how many of youwould go work ithe united stateas nurses? every year, as many as 20,000 filipino nurses seek out health care jobs in the.s. the st joseph's nursi school is filled with hopeful and ey're blunt abouthe reasons -- bter pay. most of the nurses the are ven high salaries tha they are re in the philippines. >> reporter: almost 20times higher, in fac filipino nurses are also in dend for both tir medil and pelekills. th're very proud of that. >> i just want -- other people in oth parts of the world that filipino nurses are really oe of the besteople in the world, because we rely show that we care abo oths. >> reporter: b they're also aware that filipinos also take the jobs that many americs don't wan especially in service iustries. jobs often viewed as second class. do you feel filipinos, even professional filipin such as nurses are still looked dwn uponn the united stat? >> s, i believe that. in our histy, that whe you are white, you are
yield at 3.44%. >> paul: the federal housing administration has tak up a lot ofhe slack in mortgage financing. the fha doest make loans; it sures them. and 's been busy-- the agency has insud nearly a quarter of all home loans this year and as stephanie dhue repos, there are worries the agcy is heing toward a bailout bause nearly 18% othe mortgages it sures are delinquent. >> repter: the fha insures more than $685 billion i mortgages. but wi one in five of those loandelinquent and only $3.6 billion in reserve. things a looking grim. housg and urban development secretary shaun novan says is is a crisis the fha can g through. >> we haven't used the baiut rd today because, i think there's a lot of confusion aut what exactly tt means. >> reporter: donovan says he doesn't ink the agency will have to lean on taxpays for support. on under its worst case scenario-- with 12,5 unemploymentnd another sharp drop in ho prices-- will the fha's capital cushion go int the red. >> even ife were to go below zero, if the reserves were t become negative,here is no extraordinary action that congress or
for more te and asked his staff to tak another look again to give him some better options. when a is said and done, isn't the president sll going to se more troops to afghanist? >> i think you're right tav. think he willend me oops. i can't imagine a scenario wch he wouldn't. he cpaigned, what washe centerece? that iraq waa huge mistake. afghanistan was the necsary war and under his leadership he was going to wind down our presence in ira and ramp up our presence in afgnistan. he gave apeech before the vetens of foreign wars three days before the afghan eleion. if they kne thi electionas going to be fraught with corruption, that was three ds before that eleion around he refered to this war a necessary war, a aar of nessity. in marchf this year he fired genera mckieranennd rlaced him with general mcchrystal because he wanted somebody ere whwas committed to winning committed to histrategy. i don't think cutti the prence, not giving mcchrtal at least somof whate wants. i don't ink he'll meet h entire request which means some sort of increase. t
on the job. in fact,f you've managed to hang onto your job and tak on more responsibility, youave a good case for asng for a salary bp. more than 80% companies are plning to pay raises for their workers in 201according to merc consulting. so, w do you position yourself to be among that gro? first, rd the tea leaves and assess your company's finaial health. has the profit pture improved? is your rm adding clients? if your company improving along with the orall economy, yocan feel more confident asking for a salary crease. ma a list of your accolishments and write down the extra work and addional tasks you' taken on. and, if you can't gean increase in yo base salary, asif you are eligible for a performance-based bos. finally, bflexible. ifour employer isn't open to a salary increase oronus pay, don't discouraged. ere are other forms of compensation that yocan negotiate. k for your company to contribute more to your alth care costs oeven your commutg expenses. ju because times are tough, does not mn you have to toil witht a pay increase. i'm donna rosato. >> pau recapping today's market actio
more about the stories in tonight's broadcast, toatch r streaming video and to tak part in our dailblog, go to ightly business report" on you can also ema us at nbr@pbs.or >> susie: th's nightly busine report for tuesday, november 10. i'susie gharib. go night, everyone, and good night to you, paul. >> paul: goonight, susie. i'paul kangas, wishing all of you the best of go buys. "nightly biness report" is made possible : this program w made possible by contributions to your pbs station from vwers like you. thank you. caioning sponsored by wpbt ptioned by media access group at wgbh
survive without 100% of the money you put in, maybe it is a risk you can affordo tak. if losing youroney on this one is t pnful, do not take that risk tavis: part of what weeep hearing that wall street was run amok on these three command and spreaments. ar you comforted by the fact that wall seet has leaed lessons fr the debacle we are hoping tcome out of so that those of u that invest our monecan be rpected and believed that our money ibeing tread in a fair way? no, tis. tavis: a long questn with a veryimple answer. >> it is a very sple answer. you have to depend on yoursel there is noby out the that you cacount on to defend your interest except yourself. tavis: why is t financial industry for advising clients a billion dollar business? >> it is a billion dollar busine because people need t feel that ere is somebody they can trust. i don't meano imp that every financial adviser in americ is a crock. that is nothat i am saying. you e the first line of defense. you may ae toind people that you can trust that will help you and put your interests ahead ofheir own. there is always a risk th
is yet to be taken and will be tak on the 3rd of november this tuesday. i'm positive we'll win this election. >> reporter: while the candidates may disagree on a number of policy issues like taxes, transportation, and the role of government, they both seem to agree with former republican national committee chairman hailey barber. >> what matters is who actually goes to the polls tuesday and votes. >> polls in virginia are open from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on tuesday. >>> when we come back an update on the search for a virginia pilot. new family reaction as we learn more about that mid air collision. >>> also, day of the dead. this is a very loving tribute, though. and halloween in the white house. find out how the first lady dressed up for the big celebration. we'll also talk about the number of people who showed up at the white house as well. what you got in sports, haq? >> navy tries to stay unbeaten at home. things get batty in san antonio. plus, wizards' big man has a career night. >>> a coast guard rescue plane and a marine helicopter collide mid air. tonight the virginia m
an indent at fort hd that he needs to tak into consideration when he is thinking about sending troops into ahanistan. we need re consideration o alth care. he just got ambition that seems to be ovrun with these needs of the cntry. he doesn't need to clos those deals quickly. why should he csed them quickly? it is only eht months into the administration. these take more consideration d time than eight months. >>inston churchill said a decision not taken is nonetheless a decision. does that applhere? >> we cann dispute winston churchill. >> yes, you ca and many did all of his life. >> thecertainly did. i ink it is an important one. hes acting as if it is a 1- yearresidency. the expectation thate has to live up with now is th he will either pruce health care not produce health care. he will have resold the econom issues, resolved the economic issue even though that is probab completely unrealistic. he ithe one who created those pectations. heaid, i have got to do it now while i have most of my political catal. it might have not been the tactical thing to do. >> ken binet, do you think th
. you have to tak risk for peace as i told th. and they are not taking really much risk a all. i an they are basically saying, you kw, you know, we e readyo take five percent risk in return for a 10percent, you know, opening th door into ir, stable iran, accepted as a regional pow. at is really what it is l about. iran wants to be aepted as a regional pow, as t most -- power ofthe region. and it is an opportunity for them now t be accepted by the united states, by the internatnal community. >>hat is the evidence they are not accepted as a regional power. israel is scared to deathf them >> well, in way yes but they want to be accepted by the unit states, not a a scare crow. but as partner. th want to be -- they have told me mo than once that -- wecknowledge the u.s. to be the global power t we want to be acknowledged by the united states as a regional power and be partner. but of course beg a partner means have to accept certain, you know, restrictions, ceain dialogues, certain nosand yess and that --. >>ose: and certain haviors as required of a communit >> of course, ofourse. an
? >> yeah. ome ba t ttie and iwill tak fr heapping dn insalisbury 52 dgrees, let's show them what 2 degrees, and in klnd, hilly 34 dees. and meanw we got s e y,y of them for today u wi tell them when to expect showers, but they are off 55 drees a noon 54egreesat 6:00h 5gree fhegh.winds out of the ea 5-10 miles per hour. ri canceith e afc.o do, whyou t t? >> an you,e,ary good job hti the se we dgt d y e-- e s, w llwill wheretogo. route wastwith rout 4 a an altee lahefomchetioyou on thth utbo beltw, loong northerly al utemal eche a ee 7verag on ou nd at ve cring, 14 minutes at il per hour. u'esouthbo if going tough t that head throeugh th city, the harbor nel, ugh 795th avera e. s average eed. that'salook mornng travels, patrice, back over to oula n cifive corruptiocharges inste sdenl it cathut callinga key ss. w the focus shifts to the meg gilliland joins us outsideo. of the courthouse wih the latest. good morng, men reporter: good ing, whice. seurpris move the prosecution decided not tocallemayor exboyfriend, rod lipscomb. wo charesinldim li is mbeof threet. develope ttimedhe ve dix
are ready to tak them ck. >> not far aw across the city we tracked do theamily. they ar poor, have disabilities and other problems. but their mther, setlana, at the moment cannot wal is, desperate to get her sons back. >> i feel my childrenre rying. i sleep vy badly at night. and when i wa up they ar not there. really miss them. i am sure im able to look aer them. ev now i can get to the kitch to cook and do everything. >> but svetlana kns th authorits may decide she can never have her children back. if so, at least now there's t alternive of them joining a foster family like this. in this family there are eht foster children. a scheme promotedby the governmt to cut the number of children in orphanages. t with limited success. >> everything's got harder. obstacles have been put in the way. an society does not want us to take children out of orphages. >> so these childrenere have been lucky. but th tens of tousands of others across russia, tre'll beo escape from the orphanages. richard halpern, bbc news, st. petersburg. >> scientists i geneva have begun the process of rstarting the
ear, throwut thi bi! repter:ncourage by nservave orgizers t tak theiouagenside congssiol offiildings. at least doz aes were made. th was thecene outde spear pelo'sffe. the hse bill wou cos $1 trillion over0years, expd healthovere to 96% of amican and cat gornmentackeinsuranc caed a public option. today at plan won a powerful doemt. aarp, the lobby group f amerans over0 sned o a showed off besf sportive tition this ll incdes crical ioriti fnis. >> repter: flowedynother ost, t docto' loy, the ameranedal assiation sa, althgh it is not the perfecbill,t wou me the stem betr. armewith those longought afterendorsements, t present made a surpreisit thehi hou briin room. >> i urge coness to lisn to aarp lteno t a,nd pahiseform f hundreds o millio ofmerins whoill befit fro it >>eporter: a the psident juston ue ngress, he's tuallyoing to men unusl visit her torrowf hiscdu holds tsee hous democrats and to meet wi them escilyhehree dozenr so morate demra w he concer about cos and specifs reled t abortion funding and illalmmigras thatre in thouse bi. brn? kelly o'dnelln wasngto fors tonit. key, th
or hessued the road map where it's stated verclearly that thpalestinians and the israelis have to tak steps. one of the sts that the israelisere asked to te was to freeze settlements, natur growth and east jerusam was included. if east jerusalem not incled in this freeze, that's also a violation of the road plap which is an american framed rd map. >> that is why you think the palestinians wereso quick to respond in a negative way to this. >> responded to this proposal by sayi he would not accept it. and i belie that psident abbas would do t same and the marity of the palestinian peop loo do the same becau it fas short ofhe desired future palestinian state. ea jerusalem in 1967 s 60 square kilometers. w east jerusalemis square kimeters. and thisuge explosion size of east jum added settments to the regular or tural size of east jerusalem. so the pastinians really have a lot of difficulty in absorbing what the israelis are doing at this stage. >> so what happens ext? if the israelis will not mpromise on east jerusalem, maoud abbas will resin. d we'll see more chaos in the region and no palei
. under armor finished at 1.5. and mccorporal tak finished up 1%. general motors is stripping one of the area's oldest dealerships of its franchise. officials from anderson automotive say the lot could be sold to make way for homes. a shopping center and a supermarket. we will stay on this story as the details do become louder, more available. >>> a larger-than-life celebration for a life-changing moment in time. symbolizing the night when the wall came down. boss:hey, glad i caught you. i was on my way to present ideas about all the discounts we're offering. i've got some catchphrases that'll make these savings even more memorable. gecko: all right... gecko: good driver discounts. w that's the stuff...? boss: how 'bout this? gecko: ...they're the bee's knees? boss: or this? gecko: sir, how 'bout just "fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance." boss: ha, yeah, good luck with that catching on! anncr: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. but i wasn't ready to give up taste. sometimes, sacrifice is the name of
seet in eaton. he w tak to the hospil but died at the hospital. vestigators are still waiting for an op result to find out exactly what caused his death. they are asking anybody with any inrmation to give them a call a virgia man became the first unitedtates te executed by elecic chair in more than a year. elt was put to death last night, convicted of killing a man and woman in 2001. he maintained his innocence until the end. s attorney read a written statement from him after the execution. in the statementlliott said he hoped death penalty opponents would use his death for the launching d for the elimination t death penalt >>> friends and family members gathered for muhammad's funeral. a dozen people attended the rvice for john allenmuhammad. he wascuted last week for the kilng o a mant a gas stion. itas par of athree-week shooting spree that left ten people dead. >>> anthe spanish word for peleay the man tha kild w some the 9-year-old was known. investigators say witnesses say he was seen around thebuildi. and one personaid pa tried to r somebody shortly before fu wkilled. and now wh
and the possibility to forecast extreme events such as floods linked to heavy rains ovr wet soil. > it will tak a week for engineers to itch on all the spacecraft's systs, and six month to set itp properlyo begints science. jonathan amoss, bbc news. >>> just briefly,he u.n. secretary of state has said tat washington has not changed its stnce against israeli settlements in the west bank. hillary clintonas been mting ab leade in morocco. >>> the latest heaines for you on bbc world news. >> the u.s. has endorsed hamid karzai as theegitimate lead of afghanistan. but president obama ss he's urged him to eradicate corruption. >>> soiers in afghanisn und constant that from impvised explosive dices,, --'s. the latest victim, a british mb disposal expert i. saved many livein the south of e cntry. staff sergeant olaf shmidt was killed week before he was e on lve. british news defee correspdent has the story. >> staff sergeantlafchmidt, today h comrades called him a legend. he die doing onof the most dangerousjobs in one of the th most lethal plac on earth, detecting and defusing ied's in the town of pronce. he
:pe th closely. keed onein mind m this will tak >> a tree like this, give it 10, 15 years, it will become a hompa huge tree. >> absolutely. watch out formaupower lines, mi utilit3 >> they shead all those needles and ret shed all those needles and eveonthing else. >> thanks for the tip. y t> wwoure getting near the holidary, and wwoull be talking about the holidays as well. >> and if you huote questions send it to "sunday gardener" at 3800 hooper uotenupp, bap1nigor iparle band 21lt1. you can also go to our web site at w bp1v.coliky y t> the ruotens nlateber one ns is in town today. the steelers are here without theirmaustar quarterback, ben roethlisberger. he stmfered the foustrh gon todssuntn of his career week in kansas city. Ãleis headaches ad tfor ted on thare asgfor ting day and grew . that gives dennis dixon his first careermaustarhar regardless of who is wearing the black and gold, the colors evoke idlenty of pasis aon in the. >> i love playing the steelers. o thire a we have a muto ⌞ tor each other. it is fun. youspenow, eveonboilty is inten it is like a fist fi
. that includes janice heilr. >> when wgo to the temple, everyone tak their street clothesff. they have lockerooms. d you can change into a white outfit. reporter: janice operated successful sto across from temple square called dssed in white until the chuh moved her tanother location to make roo for e city creek project. >> i was disappoind, but i could see the greater gd in t whole thing. i know we wera casualty of the whole dotown redevelopment, but i realize that dotown needed a face lit. the only reservati is will i be able togo back. i mean, you know, a new ll is going toost a lot of money. i might not be able to ford the rent. >> reporter: her resertion is probably realist. city creek, afteall, is a for- profit, private delopment which favors national chns and allows it to bypass e affordable housing requirents of public developments. higher e condos overlooking temple square cld go for as hi as two million. >> they're trying to me it pay for itselfirst of all, because the church doesn't like to put in moneyhat it's going to lose. u can't fault them for that. but it's gog to be a high-end m
in international effos to protect ips from pirates offhe coast of somalia. its soldiers have tak part in 16 of thelast 24u.n. peaceeping missions. and once a recipient of d, chinnow donates billis to poorer nations.'cñg(vxÑ chinese a gernment office in east timor. when china first opened its dos to the outside wor in the early'80s deng xiaong as leader at the time urged the country keep its had down and focus development at home. and r a while that worked. but theation has since outgrown its borrs. in internationalrenas like the u.n. thesian giant is manding a great are say. its diomats this year ha open challenged e u.s. by blking american-led sanctions myanmar,north korea and iran. >> china right now is realizing that it has interests otside of china and needs start taking carof thosenterests on its own. >> reporter: those interests are primily about securing energy and raw materials. across africa, chinese-built sports stadiums stand as a symbol of the nation's deal making aid money in returns for the right to drill. pursuing selfnterest is nothing new for rising nations, t analys
into position anit's right before -- whahappens, right before we dohe tak and it's a private moment of t acrs, and he shot that, and it was such a he surprise for me when i saw the movie for the first time, but it's beautiful mont, because nobody was aware of being watched, andhat's wh special things happen. >> charlie: likewhat? like thinking -- instinctively thinking? king yourself somewhere? >> that wod be the perfect state r an actor. that would be the total freedom. to be able to e things you do when you don't know you're being watched that's whatou want to achiev as an actor, and it's the most difficult thing. >> charl: in other words -- because that makes itore authtic and more real and more on target? because you're jt living whater action you're doing -- you're just doing . you're not wating yourself from the outside dng it, yore just there,and it's the rdest thing. >> charlie: how do you gehat? >> it's like -- like a little -- it comes and visits you and you always want it to be tre but the mo youorce it the more it goes away. it's like a danc with something that ishe opposite thi
, the government tak force also says breast self-exams do no good and women should not be taught to do them. you can go to to learn more about these new recommendations and to see the responses from other health experts. just click on the news tab. >>> we are following some breaks news in the district tonigh. a man dead after being hit by a metro train. right now there are delays on the blue and orange lines. the man was hit at the mcpherson square station in northwest. witnesses tell police the victim jumped in front of the train. right now the station is shut down. shuttle buses are being used to help get passengers around that stop. we'll stay on top of the situation and bring you updates with any new information. >>> our other big story tonight, a 9-year-old boy shot to death inside his apartment. oscar few fuentes was an innocent bystander when someone shot through his front door. the shooting happened in the 1400 block of columbia road in northwest. fox 5's roby chavez was at tonight's candlelight vigil and joins us live from the newsroom. >> reporter: such great sadness the co
to work, we a sc them to oulring somebody with them, tak somebody with them to the bus stre fi. we are a scing men to get more actively involved in the. >> if you have more information call13 -866-7-lock-up. >> every year hampden residents put on a ligsth disp.ay. before you bay the attraction a visit, the orlinger wan, oule aware of a pyou hasike de . someone has been collecting do the tions for the homful 7 e auecosic bill, but the one home owners say don't dish out the cash. thls say those that participate take pride in their displays and ouro not t>> wer the lights. >> temperauncres in the low 30' this morr tng. sun is shining. a cool front out to the west. the rain will stay west of us, but by the end of the day, we will start to pick up a few scattered clouds. our forecast today myou ha:py s. hi d. temperauncres right up ne 60 degrees. and this ever tng, for the foearball game, during the game an increase in clouds. at mic utip, temperauncres ri d.t around 50 after a high near 60. and by the time the gecoe is d.r and everybody s00rts heading home, temperatures will be
it. if youre unable to report it or you don't feel you have the strength to d, tak it t some that can. n't keep ignoring these types of situations. weeed to address them immediately and get the people involved where we don't have another tragedy like shaniya. >> reporter: for almost a week, hundreds of volunteers teamed up with law enforcement in a desperate sech for 5-year-old shaniya davis, but the intensive manhunt in this rural wooded area ended in heartbreak. on monday afternoon, a young s body was scovered. >> have aot of pele in shockight now. you always hold outope you are going to be able to reunite. especially a child with their family. if this turns out to be shan >> reporter: the sam ting. poli announced the discovery of a missing body. shaniya davis' mother antionett davis made her first court appearance where the 25-year-old fayetteville woman is charged with selling her daughter as a see to traffic the young girl in prostitution. >> the state of north carolina alleges you did engage in human trafficking with a child as the victim, kno provide shaniya davis that she be h
press. "here's what obama didn't get." you can't just tak a sh of o shortisit a say success orailure. very intellint andnt a soticay ted wa to do is bu a relationshi tha can used for a lo te. as jim and elizabeth bothseed, let's see where we are on climate ange itenrs. if we can find a way work with china and india we may fit least soitigatn measures that mesee i policy s w shouldook usthere chin i the perm countris agait e passed tee securit uncil resolutis since 2006 and yet china is fundamentally undercutting those sctions. 's become largest tre we are in ira so ihi it' insrea of hochin operates as a we ofresponsibilities it now shoulderinas one oth great global pows. probab rht now in terms of sheer economic, political, and litary power,n the world. china has not reall metthat allenge and peapthe presidencan be helpl to tm on north korea,rannd burma, nuing them ie rightn rectn. >> rose: w are you smiling >> no, i think that nick is extlright. me the sense which c wants toe alol leader instead of simply a respoible player isan ise of great deteithin the cotr d theyeally do not
,ou know, i can just cut the leftnd just finish mlife. >> rose: you thought how long would it tak >> how long would it te to bleed myself to dth. then i thought abo my family my wife my child and my mother. >> rose: you think aut, according to this, i did this, i made a terrible mistake cause my famy is suffering now. and i p them ihis place. >> yeah, that is the worst, that is real a bad feeling that without being guilty you feel guilty. that's the thing tt they want you to believe. you know one of the last thin, the lasthing that my interrogater told was that mr. bahari, we he agents all over th world. we can always bring you back in abag. soe wanted me to feel that i would beoing thewrong thing by talki about what happened to me. that i shoul be responsible fory family. even when i'm not a prisoner any more. >> rose: tnk you for cong. >> thanks, charlie. >> rose: john woo is her he is a legdary director of action films. his work h influence fimakers from hong kong t hollywd. in 2003 "new yk times" critic els mitchell wrote mr. woo's actnman motives ve been looted so thoroughly by oth
folks joining us that are going to be tak spaw c in just a little bit. thanks for here, folks. i hope you all enjoyed your thanksgiving meal as much as mine, mine included pumpkin pie and flaum, mashed potatoes and black beans and rice, dressing, southern-style dressing and yucca. and we had turkey but we also had fried pork. typical feast for us, seemed to include just about everything but crocodile? here's "fotos." let us begin in australia. a ranger is giving a feeding demonstration to a group of tourists when jaws the crocodile decides he's hungry for something not on the menu. like the ranger. the croc lungs at the man, tries to take him down, chases him around the enclosure. another ranger steps in and saves his colleague from being crock lyle cuisine by smacking it with a stick. >>> clearwater, in this dog-eat-dog world, one florida gas station owner has found a way to stand out. he's a four-legged clerk and greets a customer by barking out orders at him. the owner says the dog goes nuts every time he hears the bell and someone comes through with a car. at first it started with
own lives. it tak an outsider sometimes to see what'beautiful or interesting inomeone's life. >> charlie: and i find that people le to tell their stories. >> there's amome. on of onef the stories in e collection is abo ron popeill theing of the infomercial anthere was a poin in his kitche passed all the normal topics an starts talking about his childhoodnd s in an oranage for a while because they were abandoned by the parents an it was like a juvenile home and the parents would sometimes me and visit on the weekends for the other kids and describes standing up in theills on the weekends looking off into the distanc seei cars approach and woering whether it was his fathernd he never came and it wa one of tse incredibly heart breaking chilling moments and you realize thas wt you get to after hrs with somebody,ou know. th little kindf thing and that- and what to me was abo thmoment was what the piece is all about in a sens is how a, trscended the incredibly bleak childhood he had and more imrtantly that was the faer he had a he emulated it and when isked about his hers he sa ste
would peonally tak the taliban if they wou take old ladies. >> charl: is that because nerally you think thiis the right of necessity or it's enhanced by thettitude about men. >> that eances it, yeah, tha reallyelps. into but you thi it's necessary -- you would hope the president would contue the fight inafghanistan? >> i don know what the right thinis because we don'tven know what it would mean to w -- >>harlie: or definewinning. >> so righ now it' a rely rd problem and he's got t figure that out but in lot of ways i feel so muchetter about -- here i am being a positive thinker -- better watch it here. we have president w we ca let out the on e wod's stage wiout be mortified by this that he says and -- charlie: you're inspired an encouraged by what he say >> yes. >> charliewhether he's talking about healthare or the lationship with theslamic world or whatever it might be. >> yeah i feel good about that. >> charlie: soal issues termof lifestyle issues. >> i wa thinkingbout gay rights, ten, fifteen years ago there was n the degree of acceptness ounderstanding the is now and yetou still
change and yo saw the catyst and how it tak place in a certain year. >> and the iernal -- i mean, we hear the names axeld and thvastajority of america never got to see who ty were to get h elected and haven't seen texperience. he's kind of a secret ninja behind it all. >> charlie: his bo comes out this week so we'l see how he saw the campaign. >> he's like rain man to me. head all the numbers end his head and knew howany delegates weren every county in every state and count them off as the returns were coming in. >> chaie: and the ielligence to go to iowa and to understand to gout fl op in ia could make or break you -- >> and go early. >> charlie: and go early. >> and i thinkhe secti on iowa -- to mee said with these guys as we starte with the film it has to be a fil as intereing to the next karl rove as its to anobama, you know, supporter in thesense that this shld illunate what wept on the inside of is campaign. hothey got this done in a wa that's compellg to anybody and i do thinkhen y watch tha iowa section of th film, when you watch how these, new the underdog campaign s alying itsel
retionships. isn the it's not any individual dision that can be tak >> rose: so what ould the dialogue be about? >> wel, i think relaoniph china is goo and administrathas nducted ipprotely and, well, there's a big cultural diffencetween chinand the united states in y administration. e chinese look at foreign policy and strateg a continuing pross extender a longeriod of time. carefully assessed as to its purposes. american feign poly generally is condu as a series of pragmatic solut to didualroblthat emerge change and then they are dropped and some other issues comes along. so we usually have a number of th tt we want get done. the chinese usually ask emselves where is this thi going over a fiveo ten-year period. and the best w to deal with it is to have long-term strategic dialoguesit them and t is relatnships not so much on a personal basis but on a coeptual basis. >> rose:the u.s. and chinese economies, world's largest and fastest growing major economy, have become intertwined, loade in a co-dependency thatner side thinks is pticularly healthy but which for the moment n
and not about the shadow. >> rose: when does mostf this development our n our bra about visual perception tak place? >> i would say that it's throh ou entirety ofife. initially i starte out with the worry at a child whoas been ind for several ars would probably have lostthe ability to acire vision. >> rose: the brain wouldhen ut down. >> shut down. rit. so there's a dogmatiview that the first view yes, maybe three or fou years are t critical periods for learning vision. if that were to be true then the work that we are doing in the project wod not be serving a purpose either for the ild or for science. but i'm happy toeport that even children old as14 or5 theldest we rked with is 29, even with individuals a old as that, whenou restore sight, you see significant improvement in vision. the acqsition of visl function. ich goes to suggest thathe programs forearning, the progms for auiring vision can be initied evenly. >> you can alsoee this in certain brain areas. soach of us learns to read. and when y learn to read, ere's a particular part of the same visua area of the brain that i was talking
. >> rose: you tak drugs. >> you take drugs and they are very effective drug beta blocker. sow gave me o and within a ek i was fall asleep in e middle of the afternoon. you know, middle of a pla or something. it was st grim. and then they gave me other beta bloer. i fell asleep again. and en the doctor, on to an ace inhibityer didn' seem to work. >> rose:o they said we can't use ba blockers with jim watson. >> then craig venture group looked at mgenome d compared it with his. and found that i havetwo copies of an asian variant which met lyzes ba blockers at only 10% the rate tha most caucasia. >> rose: that is t probm. that we do not have a large enough sample of human genomeso that we can look at theand make somereally smart analysisright or wrong. >> well, --. rose: wrong? >>n this case of beta blockers,e almost do. but certaly within ten year those o will go into, you know, get a beta blocker without eir looking at the dna first. >> ros my point, isn't at the point that we do not have enoughuman genome mappin of individuals to be able to ha some see of the comparisons. >> no, couldfo
to remember thathis this two-mth review-- which is utterly unprecedented to tak is much tim- is part of a nine-month hisry of s and down on afghanian policy. he starts off in march saying afghanistan is the center of t rategic challenges to american security and we're going adopt counterinsurgency stregy to beat the talibanand defeat al qaeda. and he fires t general in ple and he pu mckiernan... excuse m fires miernan and puts mcchrystal on the job to do the counterinsurgency strategy. and then fourmonths later, he says "an beses, this is a war of necesty not a war o choice and we will fully rource it." and a week after h says that, he says "april fool, i'm going to look at evething." >> rose: but he had some changes there, too. >> no,o. he said at before the election. he said it bore the eltion. but when y do that i a situation where yohave troops on t ground, they don't understand what's going on. and thenhen you take two monthso make theecision, they think you hav no confidence in wh you're gog say. rose: why can they simply view it as a learningprocess d, you know, i finly got my people in
-termnswer because hamas isnot yet ready to tak the steps that the intertional community asks for. it is not mate enough as a litical movement to make at big ideaological shift. >> why c't i disagree. the critical thing is as a political pa they won the election they were failsed one-sided preconditions before anyone would deal with em. thedea that for instance hamas mustenounce violence or recognize israel's right to est, before israel has renounced violenceowards hamas, or rognize t palestinian enties right to exist seemso me to be prisely the kind of one-sided litics we mt leave hind if we are serpuousbout resolve between palestinia and israelis. we have to create a level playing eld. and we have to draw all the relative partyinto that aying field and put on the table the sue that serate them because the are not that compliced at the end of the day. and we do know what e solution looks like. we have knownthat for a long time. >> think that israel, israeli majorit, is willing to withdraw fm the st bank but what it needs to do is answer the question of it the missiles wch may not emerge evenf th
in the middleast. arguely the most unstable pt of the world multiple wars are tak place there for a variety of reasons. but one ofhe reasons is our nationalecurity is connected to the continued flow of those millions of barrels everyday from the persian gulf. we need to cut that dependence. you spoke earlier about how th price wen y up then it ce back down. i have a whole chapter this in this book on where our energy comes from and where it es that charts the pce of o in relation t politil developments. and every ti we get cse to forming engh will to com up with an ternative, en price comes back dn. it's a roer coter but because the new disceries are declining and theemand in chin india,nd elsewhere is growing, this rler coaster is headed for a cra and we're in the front car. >> rose: but energy companies will say there's plenty of o to be foun >> at what price? the new discoveries are declining. >> rose:ut technologs going up with e capacity to find... >> at a mh, much higher cost. and inhe casef these resoces in canada called the tar san, with much more c.o.-2 for ea gallon. i have a ctur
their nds are. its not tak it or leave it, it's like, okay, how can weork toward as much of a win-win as possible? i don'think we're in a zero-sum game. at i believe's kind of ancnt history given how e world works today. it is also... it has ao been quite hpful fore to have been in politil life. becaus even in sieties that we view a lackingin democratic politics, there's always politics. ybe it's small "p" politic maybe you ha to rise through the party. ybe you have to fend off opposition from the who don't ree with your policies. you have to be at least aware of public opinion becau evenin osed societies, public opinn carise up and causeemands on you that yo have to manag so i have understand that. i mean i know what it's like to have to either pu together a coalition deal with the conseqnces of the public either beingor you or against you. and ve said on numerous occasions, look, i come t this job not as a diplomat o as a acemic but as a polical person. an that's why inow why this isifficult for you. and i'v beenreally impressed by how quickly tha cates a bond with some ofthele
already started to tak ordersn the.. we opened one week ago. it's very promising. we have many, many people already saying we are interested intouying electric c. but you have to be pient to see what is... the eerience. >> rose: give me the spefics of your electric car, the leaf. how many miles before it s to recharge >> 100 miles. >> rose: how do you determine that? that nobodyeally drives... >> you have a standardcircuit, there are standards inhe world eachountry has standards and on the standardsof the united ates it's going to be 100 miles. no, it's five seater. it's a very powerful ca that means you he an immediate torque. you have zero to 60 mile per hour in less thanten seconds. so it'sot a gol cart. it's real car with a real driving performan. it's affordable. and the battery is going to be at least a certain way. because we want to be able to renethe battery in function of the technology. >> rose: so you tnk that will be the model forever or just for the near future. >> no, for the near future >> rose: becau somebody will come ang and develop battery you don'lease. >> ourlf
tackle something likeids or mia or tes, one of thos alone tak enmousding and what wve lears that our money has to be catal. our money looksarge to people bu it's not. $30 billis a drop in the bucket compared to these problems. and so it takesgeovernment fundand instment to make these thingswo. so, r instancein maria, therere 190 million beds being livered t on the continent in africa because of government fun and because of learning how to deliver os so our men can show ways to do that, but then it takesscale pta the on-the-ground work happen. >> rose: is it a kind of you can plant the seeds and government ? >> often that's true and in a vaccine we c take the risk where they may not want to take us ty'll take part of the risk and can show hey, this vaccinmay actually work. so malaria is a greatexample. thers a v third-stage trials that may w, it may be 60% efficacious. we're dog six large scale trials in the continent of afca. that tes government funding but we can take the risk to try different candidates. some felby the wayside but now when you get a cdidate it n be taken forward
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